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Insurance Office near me

October 28 2019

We have 3 offices located in East Stroudsburg, Mount Pocono, and Wellsboro.  For hours of operation for a specific office, or phone number, please visit http://www.lansdowneinsurance.com/contact.php

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Driving in PA during Fall season

October 11 2019

Driving in and through Pennsylvania this time of the year is much like any other, it has its challenges.  Be sure to pay attention to wet roads, fallen leaves, nighttime critters, fog and even the possibility of overnight or morning freeze.

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What exactly is Umbrella Insurance?

September 20 2019

We get asked a lot, what exactly is Personal Umbrella Insurance?   Personal umbrella insurance is meant to help protect you and your family from large and potentially devastating liability claims from either bodily injury or property damage to others. Personal umbrella coverage comes into play when your underlying liability limits from your homeowners, auto, […]

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Fall Driving

September 13 2019

This time of the year we have to be extra alert. The mornings are a bit darker, or maybe a morning mist / fog creeps in. We also have to be alert to school buses now that school is in session. On top of that, fall is just around the corner which means wet roads […]

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Are your belongings protected?

September 10 2019

Are you not a homeowner, but still want to have your belongings protected?  We get asked this a lot, and Renters Insurance is what you need. If you are renting an apartment, home or any other dwelling, this is the insurance for you.  Visit us at www.LansdowneInsurance.com and let’s get started today!

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Lower your insurance costs

August 29 2019

Are you looking to potentially lower your insurance costs?  At www.LansdowneInsurance.com we hope you give us the opportunity to look into lowering your rates.

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Do you currently have Flood Insurance?

August 23 2019

It’s getting close to that time of year in which we get rough, windy, and unforgiving rainstorms. Did you happen to get water from heavy rainstorms that has penetrated your home?  Did you know that your homeowners will not cover Flood related damages? Come visit www.lansdowneinsurance.com/flood-insurance.html to learn more, or contact us to talk about […]

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Summer traffic

June 28 2019

Schools are out and summertime has officially begun.  The roads will become more congested due to this so be alert and stay safe! www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Why pay more for insurance?

June 24 2019

Paying bills to 2-4 different companies is a silly thing to do.  Not to mention that you may even be paying more then you need to.  Let’s discuss making it simple and save you more by bundling services.  Visit www.LansdowneInsurance.com for more.  

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Umbrella Insurance

May 31 2019

Sometimes your homeowners or auto insurance won’t fully cover you. For example, if you have an unforeseen event that happens on your property, that results in a $1 million dollar lawsuit against you.  Although your homeowners provides $300k in liability, typically speaking you become liable for the remaining $700k. The solution? Personal Umbrella Insurance, we […]

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