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East Stroudsburg office

December 10 2018

We have 3 offices, with one located conveniently right in East Stroudsburg. Feel free to stop by with any questions that you may have. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Recent rains causing problems for you?

August 10 2018

With the recent rainfall, we have seen a lot of water, even in places we don’t expect or want water in. Most homeowners don’t know that flood damage is NOT covered under home insurance.  Contact us today to talk about Flood Insurance www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Tragedy does sadly strike

July 27 2018

Sadly, it does happen. Tragedy strikes, and it never announces when. It is why we should take every step to be as prepared as possible.  You can learn how to protect your home with these Fire Safety Tips: https://www.nationwide.com/home-fire-safety.jsp

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Do you use our services?

July 20 2018

Do you currently use us as your Auto, Home, Life, Business or other insurance provider?   Please if you can take a moment and leave us a review – it really helps out a lot, and goes a long way. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Life insurance

May 18 2018

At what age can should you buy Life Insurance?   This is a question that comes up more frequent than you would think.  Most people get interested in buying Life Insurance when marriage or a having a child comes into the picture.  The way that we like to answer the “what age” question is by […]

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Roads crowded?

May 4 2018

For some kids school will be out in less then a month.  Some others had to endure this brutal Winter which left many makeup days.  Regardless there’s 1 thing in common. Nice weather, more drivers, crowded roads.   Maybe it’s a good time to call to just double check your car insurance policy, or maybe […]

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Flood Insurnace

April 13 2018

Are you covered for water damage?  Many people don’t know that typical homeowners insurance doesn’t cover flood damage. We’re here to answer any questions that you may have to or to help you understand if you need Flood Insurance. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Office Hours

April 6 2018

We are here Monday – Friday at all 4 locations from 9am – 5pm for any questions you may have.  Our Mount Pocono office is always open Tuesday & Thursday evenings from 6-8pm as well as Saturday mornings from 9am – 12pm. We try to incorporate our hours to fit almost anyone’s schedule.  Come see […]

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Holiday travel, and what to check

March 30 2018

With Easter upcoming this weekend we know many will be traveling.  Remember holidays are always a good time to check the levels in your vehicle.  From oil, to coolant, to break / power steering and even the air pressure in your tires.  Look ahead for traffic or road delays, and plan your travels accordingly!   […]

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March 23 2018

Do you have Umbrella Insurance?  Do you know what it is, or if you even need it?   For more visit http://lansdowneinsurance.com/personal-umbrella-insurance.html

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