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Christmas decorations and lights

November 22 2019

‘Tis the time of the year where many of us get out our Christmas Lights or hang up decorations.  Please be sure to properly check all electrical wiring, outlets, devices, and any other electrical items you may be using. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Do you currently have Flood Insurance?

August 23 2019

It’s getting close to that time of year in which we get rough, windy, and unforgiving rainstorms. Did you happen to get water from heavy rainstorms that has penetrated your home?  Did you know that your homeowners will not cover Flood related damages? Come visit www.lansdowneinsurance.com/flood-insurance.html to learn more, or contact us to talk about […]

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What does Homeowners Insurance cover?

July 26 2019

Your home may be covered but are your personal belongings, or your family members covered? www.LansdowneInsurance.com has answers to questions like these.  Stop by today.  

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Home Owners Policy vs Flood Insurance

May 3 2019

Although we are not in our rainy season, we are in flash flood and thunderstorm season.  While most things including lightning strikes, may be covered with your homeowners insurance policy – water/flood damage is not covered. If you want to learn more, we can discuss Flood Insurance and what all it covers.  Visit our website […]

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Flood protection

January 11 2019

Do you know what is, and is not, covered on your insurance plan?   Take your homeowners insurance. With the heavy recent rainfall we have received lately, any type of “Flood” damage is not covered. Most homeowners don’t even know, or realize, that Flood damage is NOT covered under most policies. It’s really something you […]

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Bundle and Save!

December 21 2018

We all keep an eye out for that phrase “savings” or “pay less” as well as “bundle”.  When we hear those we know by doing so, we put a little extra cash in our pockets, and who doesn’t love that. Did you know with our Multi-policy you can save up to 20% when you bundle […]

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House Checklist

October 22 2018

It is that time of the year when cold weather starts to set in.  Remember to have your personal fall / winter checklist prepared and done.  Something small like disconnecting an outside hose can save you from a future headache or expensive repairs.  

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Are you covered?

September 25 2018

Tip: Never assume something is covered, we are here to help and answer any questions that you may have.  If you have questions about your policy through us, give us a call. We would be glad to help. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Building or Buying a Home possibly?

June 22 2018

If you’re building or buying a home for the first time, something you’ll need is Homeowners Insurance. It’s nice knowing the company you’re dealing with has been in business since 1959!  The knowledge and experience is something you’ll want on your side. For more visit www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Homeowners Policy Questions?

May 11 2018

Did you know that unless your policy states that trampolines are excluded from your homeowners insurance coverage, that you do not have protection for trampoline related claims?   Do you know everything that your policy covers?  If you’re not sure give us a call or visit

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