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Winter weather, slippery roads

January 25 2019

Wet roads, dropping and rising temperatures, melting snow.  All of these things can cause hazardous conditions. As winter is in full swing, we remind you to remain cautious when driving or traveling. Drive Safe! www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Teen Driver? We have rewards

January 18 2019

At Lansdowne Insurance Agency we understand the challenges of being young and having affordable insurance.  Parents, we also know the stress of having your rate go up as your teenager begins driving. Rates tend to go up when a teen driver is added due to a higher calculated risk of something occurring within the first […]

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What is SmartRide?

January 7 2019

We are always looking for ways to reward you, or save you money.  This is why we have a rewards program: our SmartRide program, which is a great way for you to earn a discount.   You’re a safe, responsible driver.  You stay alert and avoid distractions, all while obeying traffic laws.  So why shouldn’t […]

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Bundle and Save!

December 21 2018

We all keep an eye out for that phrase “savings” or “pay less” as well as “bundle”.  When we hear those we know by doing so, we put a little extra cash in our pockets, and who doesn’t love that. Did you know with our Multi-policy you can save up to 20% when you bundle […]

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East Stroudsburg office

December 10 2018

We have 3 offices, with one located conveniently right in East Stroudsburg. Feel free to stop by with any questions that you may have. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Ready for winter traveling?

November 30 2018

Preparing to travel the roads during this time of the year can be challenging.  Weather, school breaks, holidays, and much more add to your travel list. Now is a great time to call in to have your plan(s) reviewed, or to ensure you are properly covered! www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Snow, Ice, not nice!

November 16 2018

With the snow and ice storms that clouded most of Pennsylvania yesterday, and with many  people having delayed commutes home, we hope you have safe travels home tonight and a restful weekend. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Are you prepared for the Holidays?

November 9 2018

As we prepare for one of the busiest traveled Holidays, now is a great time to make any auto appointments you may need to make.  New tires, oil change, fluids topped off, general maintenance. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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Be prepared!

September 28 2018

Being prepared or having a mental checklist can help. For example, what you should do in the event of a car accident – a little preparation can make all the difference. First make sure yourself or anyone else in your vehicle is not injured. Next inspect surroundings by making sure other vehicles / passengers, pedestrians […]

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Are you covered?

September 25 2018

Tip: Never assume something is covered, we are here to help and answer any questions that you may have.  If you have questions about your policy through us, give us a call. We would be glad to help. www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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