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Deer and Vehicles

Friday, December 13th, 2019

Driving with Deer!

No, not quite literally, but during this time of the year deer should always have you on your “A Game”.  We thought we could provide some great tips to help make your drive easier.

#1 Drive with Caution in the morning and evenings
The most active times for deer are sunrise and sunset.  This only intensifies during mating season. Always be sure that you, and any passengers, have their seat belts on at all times.

#2 Read the Signs
Not a sign that has somehow been magically conjured for you, but the actual road signs.  When you see Deer Crossing signs, that’s a giveaway for an area that has signs of not just Deer but also many wildlife.

#3 Be Alert!
If you happen to spot a deer, remember that typically deer travel in groups.  Seeing one deer sometimes means that many more are around, so be on guard for that, and proceed with caution.  Remember, a deer is an animal. This animal is not trained and is just as scared if not more, then you are. Due to this, never trust that a deer will continue on its path, for in a split second a deer can go from being clear to quickly jumping in front of your vehicle.

#4 Never Swerve or Break abruptly
Remember to always keep an understanding of what is behind you at all times too.  If you happen to encounter a deer jumping out in front of you do not put yourself or anyone else at risk by swerving, or abruptly breaking.  This can increase your chances of a collision with another vehicle or stationary object.

#5 Night Driving
The weather certainly does not help driving at night.  When you add the element of a wild erratic animal into the mix it can become very challenging.  We want to remind you to wisely use your high beams, which may help you spot a deer.

#6 Your Insurance
If you haven’t already call your Insurance company and ask them about having comprehensive coverage for your vehicle.  Physical damage other than a collision with another vehicle may not be covered by some car insurances.

#7 Make a Claim
Remember if by chance your vehicle does happen to hit a deer, to contact your local authorities, as well as calling your insurance company to file a claim.

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