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What is SmartRide?

Monday, January 7th, 2019

We are always looking for ways to reward you, or save you money.  This is why we have a rewards program: our SmartRide program, which is a great way for you to earn a discount.


You’re a safe, responsible driver.  You stay alert and avoid distractions, all while obeying traffic laws.  So why shouldn’t you get rewarded for that?


We found a way – our SmartRide program which is a usage-based insurance program.  It gives you personalized feedback to help you make smarter and safer driving decisions.  By signing up you will earn a 5% instant discount. Then after that, the safer you drive, the more you save.  All the way up to 40%!


Call any of our offices today to find out how you can get on the road to saving more as you drive safely.  http://www.lansdowneinsurance.com/contact.php

For a video on SmartRide click here: https://www.nationwide.com/sr-video-overview1-smartride-program-overview-1.jsp

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