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Be prepared!

Friday, September 28th, 2018

Being prepared or having a mental checklist can help. For example, what you should do in the event of a car accident – a little preparation can make all the difference.

First make sure yourself or anyone else in your vehicle is not injured. Next inspect surroundings by making sure other vehicles / passengers, pedestrians are all ok, if involved. After that we have 5 quick points / tips!

1. Stay at the scene – never leave a scene.
2. Call 911 or Police – they will provide an accident report.
3. Stay in the Vehicle – unless conditions warrant you to leave / get out.
4. Stay Calm – its important to stay calm with any other involved. Exchange information, and get phone numbers of witnesses.
5. Call your insurance – report your claim to your insurance provider.

We hope these tips don’t need to be used. For all your auto insurance needs contact www.LansdowneInsurance.com

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